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Katrina – Oracle EBS DevOps

Are you still applying customization with home-ground tools? That’s Risky, Need a DBA, Too much time and cost. Still copying functional setups between environments by hand? It may cause discrepancies and there’s way to track. Still having challenges enforcing segregation of duties? No auditing.

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Ancap IT has widespread experience building interfaces between Oracle® and any third party vendor that will accept data electronically. These include the interfaces HR, AFIP, ARBA, AGIP, Time Capuring Systems like Kronos, etc
One of our core competencies include building interfaces using Oracle Data Integrator.

Our ADF Fusion Web applications are integrated with E-Business Suite using EBS SDK for Java development. This integration method does not need APPS password and you can have your local integrations connected to a Global server with application user connection.


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