Oracle Cloud Saas PaaS

Oracle Cloud SaaS PaaS Extensions And Customizations

Oracle PaaS enables building extensions to Oracle SaaS produts to provide custom functionality addressing specific business needs. These extensions can be built as bespoke Java web applications which are deployed in PaaS like JCS – SaaS Extension (JCS-SX) and can be embedded into HCM UI as a hyperlink or web page.

However it is important to create these extensions following Oracle best practices for cloud, cloud application design patterns, and look and feel.

Clous SaaS Customization and Extension Demo

We use the RDK to design and build must-have simplified UIs for the cloud. Accelerate our delivery of great user experiences for SaaS integrations and custom PaaS apps to delight our customers and users.
Oracle RDK lets us innovate quickly and take our developments to new levels. Oracle made it simple to use applications for work, and now they make it simple to build them, too.

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