Deploying Oracle ADF Summit Core Sample to Glassfish

In our last post, we created a ADF ready Glassfish 4.1 server in a docker. Now it’s time to do some staff in Jdveloper to create the .ear for our docker.

Download Summit ADF: or download 12.1.3 and import it into Jdev . Jdeveloper will migrate your version to

Run it on the IntegratedWeblogic server to see if everything is ok.

In our case we found that database connnection username was summit_adf and the examples database script user creation was c##summit_adf so we changed the connection to c##summit_adf

So changing it we can see that the app is working ok:

For GlassFish server we have to change Application Modules datasource connection formats to:

We also have to change view controller project and application deployment profiles platform to Glassfish 3.1 (the only option available for now):

Update faces-config.xml version to 2.1

You do not have to do anything else.

Once deployed to .ear you can deploy it in Glassfish server 4.1

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